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Adjusting but still no Internet Access

Well we have nearly finished in adjusting to the new time zone. Jaden came into the bedroom at 4:30 but did go back to sleep. All that we brought on the plane is unpacked and we are settling in here in Sydney.

We don’t have Internet access at the house yet and I don’t know when that will happen. Right now it is just our mobile phones on which I am making this post now.

Tomorrow we will get our new (to us) van and will be my first day in the office.

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In Sydney!!!!

We arrived safely in Sydney Wed morning. Haven’t had any way to access Internet yet. Will post more soon when I can get my computer online.

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So little time so much to do

Repeat of previous post in some ways.  However we have been making progress.  Today was a good day however, our telephone provider went out of business this week.  We had to switch to another at the last minute.  Hopefully all of that will go well too. Anyway back to packing and putting things away.

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9 days and counting…ARRGHHHH

Lots of decisions. Lots to do. Packing, making arrangements for home repairs so the house will be here when we are back…  Need to pack, need to toss, need to store….

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Don’t watch this on full stomach…

I was curious to how Jerry’s trip to Korea was last week for the CM2007 conference.  I went to his blog and found this entry. I am still a little queesy.  Don’t watch the videos on a full stomach if you are not accustomed to Sushi! I am not a Sushi lover so for me this was exceptionally difficult to stomach.

Basically Jerry blogs about a Korean dish that is wiggling on the plate.

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Back in Orlando

We arrived back in Orlando on Sunday night.  Now we need to pack and sort and store and dispose of and …

LOTS of decisions and very little time. Less than 2 weeks when we get on an airplane for Australia.


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Another Missionary Parent Death

Robyn Moore is a Missionary Nurse in Africa from the same hometown and church that I am from. Her father passed away on Sunday. As God would have it, Robyn was also able to be home from the field to be with her family also. Please remember her family too. Obit

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Today is Mom’s viewing and tomorrow is the funeral. Obituary

We will be quite busy today and tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers.

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Mom has passed.

Mom has passed away.  My sister and I were with her as Jesus came and got her.

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Mom and Timing

Each day Mom gets closer to stepping out of this life and into the next. I am amazed at each day that she keeps going. I never thought a month ago when I last posted on Mom that she would still be here a month later. However the time is getting closer. When? Well we honestly don’t know. She is sleeping a lot more and her limbs are getting a little larger with fluids. She hasn’t opened her eyes in more than 16 hours I think.  Her strength is failing. I guess she could go home today, or she could wait another week. This upcoming Saturday would have been Mom and Dad’s 51st anniversary.

Please pray that she wouldn’t be in any more pain. She has not EVER complained about this. She has NEVER talked harshly about her sickness to anyone. She still has been showing concern for others up until the end of last week. She would now too, I am sure if she wasn’t sleeping. Her time is short and we will miss her, but for her sake we hope she can see Jesus face to face soon.

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