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Rats, more rats

Well after 2-3 days of peaceful sleep in the back of the house away from the stink, the rats go marching on.  We have heard more in the walls and across the ceiling of our bedroom. Perhaps they are a bit lighter / younger ones, but I don’t know.  Perhaps the dead one in the chimney has decayed enough for the rest to get by and head back up every night.  I really don’t know, but I do know that there are more up there.  I found a great pest/rat removal company website. Too bad they are in Orlando FL where I used to live instead of here in Melbourne.

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One thought on “Rats, more rats

  1. Renee Captain

    This is too bad. You better have the professionals back to put out bait again. I was hoping that these rodents would be gone by the time Chad and I got there. Oh well, it will an experience. It is too bad that this experience keeps continuing for all of you.
    Catch you later,

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