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Onslaught of flies

I am sure you would like to hear other parts of our adventure in Australia, and we would rather write about them, but this is the most sensational of the events of the days. I keep thinking that every post I post about the rats/possums will be the last. Alas the saga continues. Hopefully all will be done before some family visits in a couple of weeks.

Basically while we can’t get to the dead rat, the flies can and then there must be a space big enough for them to crawl into the house. I have killed over 40 flies in the house just today. As an experiment, we have employed a venus fly trap near where the flies are congregating. We’ll check on it tomorrow to see if it gets any. We can’t identify where they are coming in or we would stop up the hole or crevice.

Also I will post some pictures of the house and things soon.

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2 thoughts on “Onslaught of flies

  1. Renee Captain

    Your family keeps getting tested. I hope one day or maybe you already have, can sit and laugh about the first few months of living in Melbourne. You definately have an adventure almost everyday. And you don’t have to leave home to find it. See you soon — Renee

  2. Charles Jarman

    Kent ,
    As I sit here eating my Honey Nut Cherrios I can sympathize. We just paid out $2,000 to have our soffets done. We had a Red Squirrel that had become a resident of our home. When we remodeled we and put up the drywall, we hadn’t put an acess into the attic and had to have that done as well. There is a Black Walnut tree outside of my office window, that was used as an entance to the house. He would run up the tree and jump into a hole in the wall next to the chimney. We knew he was up there in fact I took a picture with him sticking his head out. Since we figured he was in the soffet we could live with the patter of little feet. However, when he figured out how to enter the attic and the route and patter of little feet changed to just above our heads at night I decided he needed to go. The little bugger also found a way into a closet in a bedroom that wasn’t finished with drywall. He left some unpleasant gifts there. Well, I tried to live trap him to no avail. So I went down to the Ace Hardware store and picked up a couple of old fashioned Victor wooden rat traps. I talked to one of the employees who told me to get a bacon flavored pupperoni dog treat, the flat kind and lash it to the trigger of the trap and then to cover that with peanut butter. Apparantly squirrels can’t resist the bacon flavor. He then said to place the trap at an angle on a wall not to lay it flat. So I did this at tthe base of the tree. I set the trap at night, went to bed , got up and went to work valeting at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital. When I came home from work the squirrel was in the trap and we have not had squirrel trouble since. Now we have to hire a guy to come seal up the house so when our neighbor reroofs his house the very large quantity of bats he has inhabiting his house don’t come over when he evicts them.
    Take care

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