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Charged twice for recent flight.

Somehow I was charged twice and issued two tickets for the exact same itinerary for a recent flight. Once by the travel agent and another time at check-in by the airline.  I of course only authorised the charge once and never signed anything the second time I was charged.  Though they say that the ticket used was the second not the first “non-refundable” ticket.  Pray that this all gets sorted out well.  I guess it is not really my money. This ticket comes from Campus Crusade operating funds instead of what I raise, but still I have no desire to see $2000 wasted. (Did I mention that travel in and out of Australia is in general very expensive.)

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One thought on “Charged twice for recent flight.

  1. Bob Hernandez

    You should title your diary “Adventures in Paradise: The real dirt down under”. I played the Kookaburra laughing audio, they sound better than hyenas laughing. Do you have hyenas there or just dingos? Keep up your diary, it’s probably good therapy and it makes my house problems seem like a piece of cake. Say hi to Crystal and the kids for me.

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