Well, now that we have returned to the USA, I can definitively say that Orgran GF All-Purpose Flour works better in our Cake Recipe than Bob’s Red Mill. Don’t get me wrong, Bob’s Red Mill GF All-Purpose Flour is nice, but Orgran is much better for this recipe. (Bob’s Red Mill flour makes or at least used to make better pancakes than the Orgran products.) I made some cupcakes recently with the Orgran flour and took them to a party. There were 3 ladies there that all couldn’t eat gluten. They all loved the cupcakes and couldn’t believe how good they were. Even gluten eaters ate them and didn’t notice any difference between ours and a normal wheat containing cupcake. Anyway, if you have allergies and want a good cake recipe, I will stand by our cake recipe over any other GF box cake mix any day especially if you use Orgran GF All-Purpose flour.