Diamond Back Rattlesnake in Florida

I took a 5mi/8km walk through an 8700 acre / 3500 hectare park. (Being Florida and not Australia it was fairly flat.) I was wanting to pray and walk and listen for God on the trip. After about 2/3 of the walk, I really felt that God was saying some things to me. I had about three things just before this photo.

As I was walking at about 3/4 of the way through my walk, I chose to move to the other side of the trail, As I took the first or second step toward the other side, I saw there exactly in the path that I had been walking, this snake about 2/3 (give or take) of the length of the snake in front of me. So had I not made that change of direction, I likely would have been within easy striking distance of an uncoiled poisonous snake. I instantly felt that God wanted me to know that although I think that I am making a choice or change of my own, It is really He who is guiding my way.

After snapping the picture and walking 20 meters or so further, I had the thought that if God is guiding my way, why not close my eyes and see where I end up. Well that was followed immediately by the thought that “God is not a mystical Force that is guiding me and controlled by me [e.g. Star Wars], but He uses the things He gave me and gave me eyes so that I would use them. I am not to follow [put my trust in] my feelings [instincts] but to follow my God.” It is more of a partnership/relationship as opposed to me being a marionette. In other words He has given me a brain and the ability to think, but He is still guiding/protecting also. Such a wonderful paradox.

Anyway I felt cared for and loved because the God of the universe, who created more than the mortal humans can ever see, cared for me and has time for me.

He cares for you and has time for you too.

Have you taken time to listen to Him? How have you listened to Him lately?