My wife has made some fabulous smoothies with berries and coconut milk, with some having the consistency of a good American Milkshake / Aussie Thick Shake. But today we made our first batch of a more traditional tasting Chocolate Ice Cream. We have some adjustments to do to get it just right but so far it is modified from other recipes we found on the net. Here it is: 3 Cups Vance’s Food Darifree 1/2 Cup powered Sugar (I wanted it to dissolve faster) 1/4 Cup granulated Sugar 1 1/2 tsp GF Vanilla 3/4 Cup Cocoa 1 tsp Sunflower oil (Darifree is like Skim Milk so this was added for fat) First I made the Darifree according to label directions with cold water in the Blender with lots of leftover for another try in a couple of days or for other cooking. I think next time I will use warm water to make the Darifree and then cool it in the fridge overnight. Then I put all of the ingredients above into a blender. After it was well blended I added it to a 1.25L/5 Cup Ice Cream maker. It took about 30 minutes to freeze and then we scooped it out and put it in the freezer to finish hardening. Analysis: It needs MORE fat and less cocoa. We will probably use some Coconut milk next time for more fat. Typically we use some Coconut Milk with Rice Milk such as when making Mashed Potatoes to get the right fat content. But I don’t want to use Rice Milk for this as I just think the Darifree is more like the taste of Cow Milk and I will get a bit more picky with my ice cream. I LOVE Homemade ice cream and have grown up on the stuff. We used to make Homemade Ice Cream in Florida at least once a week a few years ago and have really missed it in the past 3 years. We probably would have made some ice cream earlier, but we really don’t have much room in the freezer to store the ice cream maker container and just happened to have some room lately. We really need to get a larger fridge/freezer here. What does Jaden say: Well he liked it until it melted. It just was melting too fast for him. But all of the family thought it was good though a little too much cocoa in it.