Today we made some Allergy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were great. I got the recipe from: I had to substitute Nuttelex for the margarine, Darifree for the milk and used Gluten-Free and Soy Free flour and of course our favorite Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips as they are truly the only Jaden Safe Chocolate chips on the planet that we know. Too bad the 10oz bag costs $15 at our favorite local Allergy Food store. I think I will try changing the sugar to all brown sugar. When I do I think I will have varied the recipe enough to post it myself, right now just make those changes to the link and you will be good. Summary: Normal Chocolate chip cookies would have had a food cost of $5 or less in America and these would have cost perhaps $8-$9. Here they cost us over $20 for the ingredients. (Don’t know how often we will be able to afford these, but at least we had some good ones.) I might try making them with some Australian made dark chocolate that is safe for Jaden to see if they still taste OK.