My neice got married an hour ago. To that we say CONGRATULATIONS.. We were planning on “attending” via Skype to celebrate with them from 9000+ miles away. We wanted to hear my nephew sing and watch all of the beauty and stuff and in general just celebrate with them. We had tested the connection on Tuesday Night (USA)/Wed Morn (Aus) and things looked good. Friday night (USA) a storm blew through and knocked out the Internet connection at the church. Ugggh. No internet = no Skype. My cousin comes to the rescue with his cell phone. Unfortunately the USA cells are not 3.5G (especially in Berne). I think we were getting less that 50K connection. We missed all of the pre-service music and the first 20 minutes of the service. BUT we did see three 8 minute or so blocks of the wedding and post wedding crowd dismissal from the sanctuary. The first was the ring placement, then a bit of my nephew singing (no audio) and then the pronoucement of man and wife. While we couldn’t be there, it was still worth staying up the night to see a glimpse. Now it is time to go back to sleep for a little bit. (6am)