In honor of this weeks’s big game between the (supposed) top two NFL teams, I created a wonderful Rotel dip for our family. Definitely superior to last year’s attempt so time to post it. The recipe shares some with our Cheeseless cheese like Pasta Sauce. [caption id=”attachment_423” align=”alignnone” width=”260”]Enjoying the Cheeseless Rotel Dip Enjoying the Cheeseless Rotel Dip[/caption] 2/3 Cup Nutritional/Savoury Yeast Flakes 1 Tbs of ground Mustard 1 Tbs Arrowroot Powder 1 tsp Xanthan gum or Sunflower Lecithin 1 tsp Salt 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder (optional - people in house divided on taste and smell of this addition) 1 can of Coconut Cream* 1/4 cup dairy free, soy free margarine (Earth Balance in USA/Nuttelex in Australia) 1 tsp Garlic Powder 1 can Rotel Combine the yeast flakes, xanthan gum/lecithin, arrowroot powder, mustard, turmeric and salt in a pan. Give it a good stir with a whisk to mix it up real well. Then add the can of coconut cream. Using a whisk stir until near boiling. As it looks like it is going to boil it should be thick enough. Reduce the heat and add margarine and garlic. Stir till margarine is all melted and integrated. Next add a can of Rotel. (You may want to drain about 1/3 of the liquid off the Rotel before adding). Keep on a low heat to make sure it is heated throughout. Put in a bowl and start dipping those chips. Enjoy! Leftovers can be refrigerated, heated up and put on pasta perhaps with some peas and meat of some sort. Like we did. We hope your family loves it as much as we did. If allergic to Coconut, I would suggest substituting 2/3 of the same amount of acceptable dairy substitute and double the margarine.