OK. So this is not entirely allergen friendly as Jaden can now eat Pine Nuts. It is still Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free and Egg Free. Pine Nuts could be made optional and it would still be delicious. The other day we harvested a plethora of sweet basil leaves and I thought we should do something with them. So I googled a pesto recipe and made some Pesto. Basically I substituted Nutritional (Savoury) Yeast Flakes for the Parmesan Cheese in this recipe: http://bonnieplants.com/cooking/fresh-basil-pesto/ and then stored in an airtight container in the fridge for a couple of days. The pine nuts were ground so fine that my kids didn’t notice them. I want to try and make it with some roasted chickpeas to see if that provides a nut free version with a little more protein in it. Here is what I prepared: Chicken Pesto Cream sauce over GF Pasta 1 Can of Coconut Cream 1/4 cup Soy Free Margarine such as Earth Balance Soy Free (USA) or Nuttelex (Australia) 1 heaping tablespoon of Arrowroot Powder (cornstarch would likely work too) 1 tsp of Darifree (optional) Homemade Pesto sauce from http://bonnieplants.com/cooking/fresh-basil-pesto/ 2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 1-2 TBSP Oil (Canola, Grapeseed Oil) for stir frying chicken 2 lbs (1Kg) of GF Pasta (Orgran or Ancient Harvest Quinoa pastas are what we use most) Salt and Pepper Fill a large pasta pot with water and add some salt and put on stove to boil for the pasta. Cut up Chicken Breasts into bite size slices/chunks. Put Coconut milk into a pan and heat, add Arrowroot, Darifree and Margarine and wisk over med-high heat to boiling. The Arrowroot should thicken when nearly boiling. Will take about 10 minutes. I had a child stir often while I worked on the rest. Once thickened add the Pesto sauce and keep on low. Fry/Stirfry chicken in cast iron skillet or wok over high heat using oil and some salt and pepper until a golden/orange color starts to develop on the surface of the chicken. Add the cooked chicken to the Pesto Cream sauce and keep on low. Add salt and pepper to taste (or add at table). Add the pasta to the water to cook, removing it at the lower estimate of the cooking time. Using a large serving bowl place about 1/3 cooked and drained pasta with enough Pesto Cream sauce to thoroughly coat the pasta. Add 1/3 more pasta and sauce, stir and repeat for remaining pasta. Set the bowl in front of your family for immediate positive reactions. This got a 6 out of 6 Keller family rating and requests for repeats.