We went to the Royal Botanical Gardens today with Rachael and Nate and her parents. As we were re-entering the park after a bit of morning tea, Rachel noted a little boy crying as he came out of the park. As he was walking through the crowd, Rachael wondered if he was lost. We kept an eye as he passed several families that could have been his. Rachael and Karlissa then took off toward him as he was getting to the road. I headed into the edge of the park with Jaden looking to see if we saw anyone frantically looking for a child. Crystal and the girls followed as they crossed the street and headed to the memorial monument. The boy looked to be about 5 and they didn’t know how his english skills were when they tried to ask him about his family and stuff. (He was of Asian descent). They found some guards that the monument and a park employee who had a radio. Meanwhile Jaden and I watched the park. I prayed that we could find his family. Crystal and Shay did too. I approached one Asian lady who told me that she wasn’t looking for anyone. I spotted a lady talking on a mobile phone walk toward me and then then look back and walk away. I spotted her a few minutes later talking to some older ladies and one walked away saying something over her shoulder in . I approached the lady and asked her if she was looking for a little boy. She said “YES” and confirmed he was wearing a blue shirt. I said he was with a friend and my family. Since we saw him leave the park alone. I called Crystal to let her know I had the mum and to ask where they were. Rachel said as he was walking to the memorial that he kept saying “Mum here” something so she assumes that they were at the war memorial earlier in the day. They with the park employees started walking toward us and we walked toward them. We were probably about 500m apart when we started toward each other. Needless to say there was quite a joyful reunion for the mum. The boy looked scared still. (Probably wondering if he was in trouble) We let them hug and we left. I had hoped for more conversation but knew that we had fulfilled the part God wanted us to in the reunion bit.