So on Sunday evening Jaden ate his first ever Pizza. We had bought an Orgran Pizza Crust mix several months ago. The kids were itching to make something last night for dinner instead of having leftovers so I mentioned to them that they could make a Jaden Safe Pizza. Shay and Karlissa jumped on it. We greased the pan with Nuttelex and sprinkled some Polenta (corn meal) on it. Then we followed the directions to make the Pizza Crust. The kids did all of the kneading and such. We rolled it out with a round drinking glass since we don’t have a rolling pin in Australia. Then all four helped pinch the sides, put sauce and meat on it. We used some left over roast chicken, some ham and some Green Capsicum (Green Pepper). Wish we had had some more veggies in the house we could have put on. Of course there was no cheese put on the pizza as there is no dairy free cheese substitute that is free from Soy (at least not that we have found). Anyway after 15 minutes in the oven Karlissa pulled out the pizza (and dropped it but we had a great save). We carried it to the table and fed one very excited boy and an excited family. Jaden Safe PizzaKids pose with their Jaden Safe Pizza