The neighborhood directly south of my old neighborhood in FL found bombs near it. Surprise, Surprise they say. Hmm. I heard many years ago (at least 8) that it was next door to a WWII practice bombing range. A co-worker at least a decade ago was looking for land for his church and he found quite easily that the area had been an old bombing range. He said that it was mostly duds used for practice, but still there would be a LOT of lead and shrapnel in and around the ground area. We figured there would need to be a lot of cleanup on the site if anything would want to be built there. That really didn’t take a lot of work to turn up, but now the school board cries foul in that they didn’t know there was the possibility of bombs in the area. I suspect they are taking the play it ignorant stance. If I knew there had to be plenty of others that knew the possibility. If anything the land that we knew was a bombing range started maybe 500 yards/meters south of the land where they found the unexploded shells last year, but still someone else with more authority knows there was a potential problem. I also think it is a little silly watching them use metal detectors in the video story below looking for bombs in an area that is now 5 feet higher than it was a decade ago. All of the dirt in the area shown on the video was taken from a couple of holes that have been turned into lakes. That should mean that any bombs left in much of the housing area would likely be 5-8 feet underground and very difficult to detect. Reference: