Crystal just left to go out to dinner with several American women. I was home with the kids eating dinner while something was in the oven. We heard a pop and the lights dimmed. We heard another and the lights dimmed. And then a few more. I went to the oven and saw some flashes of white light when the popping happened. I opened the door to look at the roast that we are to eat tomorrow. Another pop or two. I could see around the side of the over that there was an orange glow like from a flame and there was several more flashes of light from whatever short was causing the fire. I told the kids what was happening and to stay in the dining room. I turned off the oven. The flames and the popping continued. I went outside and cut the power to the house. I think the kids were a little frightened then. Anyway I could see that the orange glow was gone. I lit some candles for the girls and found a flashlight (torch) for me. I looked around and saw that the fire seemed to be gone, though there was smoke still coming from the sides of the mounted oven. I pulled out the fuse to the oven and restored power. I made a call to the property manager, and pulled out the oven from its place and pulled the plug. The flames and the short had been where the plug enters the oven. Praise God we were home at the time and not having a roast cooking while we were at church or dance class or something like that. Or just Praise God it didn’t happen while I was at the store just 15-30 minutes earlier getting some more food for dinner while the oven was on and Crystal and the kids were home without me.