Chipping amidst the roosFlock of Sulfur Crested Cockatoos Roos down the fairway I went on a men’s retreat this past weekend and was able to play golf for the first time in Australia on Saturday. I had a wonderful round despite the use of rental clubs and no golf shoes. The best part was that there are over 300 kangaroos living on the Anglesea Golf Club. I didn’t take a regular camera. Just caught a few pictures with my mobile phone. Still worth seeing. The shot of me hitting the ball from between kangaroos was not staged. That is where my ball was and where I needed to hit it from. Lots of Sulfur Crested Cockatoos were on the course. Fortunately the kookaburras which woke us up at the crack of dawn with their very loud laughing did not disturb our game. In case you didn’t know, my father built a golf course in Indiana and I very much enjoy the game though don’t get to play very often. Also as I played I thought of my late father and wished he could be playing this course with me. It was his birthday.