We went to Louisville for the weekend to visit some friends. We kicked the weekend off with fellow CCC Staff, Marc and Kim, who live near us in Florida. They were heading to Colorado as they will be working the myriad of summer conferences that Campus Crusade for Christ will have culminating in our all staff conference. Since we will be heading to Australia before the big conference this was the last chance to see them before we depart. On Saturday we spent most of Saturday with Chris and Jeni, whom Crystal went to Marshall with. While partners in our minisitry we hadn’t seen them much in the past decade, and we think it may have been 8 years since we visited together. We had a wonderful time catching up and seeing how the family has grown and matured. Wonderful family. They did need to run to graduation parties so we headed to a hotel and a grocery store to purchase dinner. While at Kroger, I hear someone say “hey Kent”. I turned to see Tim and his daughter Holly. Tim and I went to High School together and he lives in my hometown of Berne. While we have been in Berne living, Holly and Karlissa have become friends. I took Holly out to the van and said to Crystal and Karlissa that I found this girl wandering around and she claims to know us and wondered if they knew who she was. Crystal did a serious double-take and then smiled. Tim walked around the van and explained their presence. Pretty cool. I won’t even begin to calculate the odds of this “chance” meeting. So in a 12 hour period in one location we spent time with friends from our ministry assignment life in Florida, friends from Crystals home area and friends from my home area. I guess the only thing that could have made this day even more crazy would have been to run into someone from Australia. God glues all of these relationships together. In unity we could enjoy all of the friends.