The big question I am asked whenever I am out of the house is “How is your mom?”. Well she has been and is declining continually. She has for the most part said her good-byes. She is tired, weak and ready to go be with Jesus and be out of the pain. Whether she goes home this week or next, I have no idea, but the time is short. We will just keep loving her while she is still with us. Even on a Death Bed in incredible pain, she has shown us the value of life. She is leaving a great legacy of influence in many around her. She said yesterday that she had no idea that she had influenced so many. Yes she was a teacher, but it was the adults that she was more surprised with. Mom and Dad showed their love by meeting needs of those around them the best they could when many others didn’t. They never thought they were being Heroes, but they were. We love them and are proud to be their children. Mom took my hand on Saturday and said that her condition should not hold us back. We should get going and go to Australia, not waiting on her. I wanted to cry on the spot. The blessing was real and the love was genuine. But for the emotional health of myself as well as the rest of my family we must wait here a little longer. God has ordained us to go, but we know that we must tarry. We’ll see what He has in store while we are still around.