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In Melbourne – Kangaroos

We have made it to Melbourne.  We are staying in a caravan park. (Cabins at a campground for the Americans). While taking a walk on a roo hunt this evening we saw a mother and a joey grazing on the hillside about 75 yards / metreKangaroo Eatings away. Since it was dusk the picture is not as sharp as we would have liked it. 

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Cake Recipe works well in Oz

Our Allergen-Free Chocolate Cake recipe works well in Oz.  I modified the original entry to update for cooking in Australia. Now it shows the flours I have used here.  It seems the All-Purpose Gluten-Free flours here work much better for baking instead of Pancakes. Also we used Apple-Cider Vinegar too without it affecting the taste adversely.

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Restaurants and the Whole Family in Oz

Well we have one restaurant in Australia that we can all eat at:  McDonald’s Jaden can eat two things on the menu. A beef patty which has been placed in the box plain without bread and Fries also known as Hot Chips. The burger is 100% Australian beef with no Added Soy.  Jaden has not had a negative reaction to the fries though he has to the USA McDonald’s fries with their coating of Hydrogenated Soy.  Also Jaden could eat the fries at Burger King in the USA, but he can’t have the fries at their subsidiary here known as Hungry Jack’s as the sugar that coats them in Australia is derived from Wheat.

Needless to say if Crystal and the kids are out and about and need to get some food or when we are traveling we have an option to eat.  Not one that we would willing choose everytime, but it is possible.

Also the McDonald’s seem to always have a KFC near them, so for one occasion, we got Jaden’s at McD’s and everyone elses’ food at KFC.

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Moving soon to Melbourne

Well, we will be relocating from Sydney to Melbourne soon. This has been very frustrating finding a home in Melbourne as there are way too many people seeking to rent than there are homes to be rented. Hopefully as we house sit for a friend we would be able to find a place quickly.

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Keller Birthday Trip to the Mountains

Keller 3 Sisters in front of the 3 SistersOn Monday we drove 1 hour to the Blue Mountains for a Birthday day-trip.  It was my 40th Birthday. We had a lot of fun (“heaps of fun” as they say in Australia) walking around and looking at the scenery. The picture is of the Keller 3 sisters with the geological 3 Sisters feature of the Blue Mountains in the background.

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Dinner with family from home

We had a wonderful time Saturday night having dinner with a cousin and her husband.  Both are from my home town in Indiana and now live here in Sydney.

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Dissappointing Performance of Pancake Recipe in Australia

Well, my Pancake Recipe looks like it is specific to Bob’s Red Mill flour only.  I have modified those posts to specifically say for Bob’s Red Mill.  I have tried it with Orgran All Purpose Flour here in Australia with very dissappointing results.  Basically the pancake gets done on the outside but the inside is as wet as the batter in the mixing bowl.  Kind of disgusting.  I’ll keep trying until I get a decent recipe here.

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Getting used to Left Hand driving

Gotta keep thinking left….

Have made a couple of turns lately and driven on the road for short distance on right hand side.  Just keep thinking left Crystal and I tell ourselves. I figured it would be hard driving on the left and sitting in the right hand side.  What I didn’t know was how hard it would be to sit on the left while someone else was driving.  A little nerve-wracking.  Anyway we are making progress learning our way around Sydney. Tomorrow we venture into the heart of the city.

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Trip with family to the beach…Saw a Kookaburra

We went to Palm Beach (Australia that is) today. Thought I should spend time with the family since I left on Sunday and hadn’t seen them until late Tuesday.

At the park near the water, we saw a Laughing Kookaburra, a Crested Pigeon and a Galah. Pretty cool birds.  Good thing Crystal bought a Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. Getting pictures online is a bit complicated right now, but we hope to post some later. I should say we heard the Kookaburra well before we saw it. 

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Visit to Melbourne

Being in Australia less than a fortnight (common used term in Australia), I traveled to Melbourne to visit the new office. Looks like the new office will be a wonderful place for the ministry to have its headquarters here. I am looking forward to helping move the operations there. I also met several CCCA Missionaries in Melbourne. Overall it was a great trip!

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