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Rats, more rats

Well after 2-3 days of peaceful sleep in the back of the house away from the stink, the rats go marching on.  We have heard more in the walls and across the ceiling of our bedroom. Perhaps they are a bit lighter / younger ones, but I don’t know.  Perhaps the dead one in the chimney has decayed enough for the rest to get by and head back up every night.  I really don’t know, but I do know that there are more up there.  I found a great pest/rat removal company website. Too bad they are in Orlando FL where I used to live instead of here in Melbourne.

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Rats get last laugh

 The house really stinks right now and will likely stink for a week or longer.

One of the rats died in a place in the “chimney”.  It is too far down to reach from the top and too far up to reach from the bottom.  The rat man apologized and just poured some carpet deoderizer down the chimney on the carcass.  If it still stinks we are to keep calling them to come and keep pouring stuff on it until it has dried out / stopped decomposing.  Ugghh.

Note: The chimney doesn’t have a fireplace just a gas heater so we can’t get into the chimney from the house only from under the house.

We know we heard one more rat before this latest stink started so there may be one more dead up some where in the ceiling that may start to stink soon, so how are we to know when the one stops and the other starts.

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No more scurrying!

Last night was the first night without the sound of little feet running above our heads!! Hooray.

Now the kids can shower in the evening without the rats jumping in the exhaust fan.

Removal of first rat happened earlier this week. Number 2 and three need to be removed now.
Our house stinks right now really really bad which means that we likely will need to eat out at McDonald’s again tonight. Hopefully they will find all of the remains quickly today.

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Face to Face with mine enemy.

The large rodent was in the exhaust fan for the bathroom as Karlissa finished her shower.  I grabbed a flashlight/torch and shined up the light into the vent. After a few moments I could see the glow of eyes in the space as the eyes reflected my light. He dropped further down and onto the fan grill and we exchanged looks. He (the rat) wasn’t frightened by me at all. The kids made noise and so did I but mostly it just stared at us and seemed to try to figure a way down into the bathroom.  My guess is that it is a “black rat” based on info from: One of us and associated family needs to go.  We’ll see who outlasts the other. As I type this I hear at least 2 circling the house like they do every night.  Feels a little like we are in Jericho before the wall came down.

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Reindeer on the roof??? Nope still Rats or Possums

On Christmas Eve I wondered if all of the running around up in the ceiling was Reindeer on the roof instead of the Rats.  The pattern of the running around we hear still matches the sounds we have heard attributed to possums instead of rats.  We wonder if the rats were over the main part of the house and the possums are over the eaves.  We called the pest control people and they won’t come back out until the bait has been up for 1 month.  3 weeks now and the noise still goes on all night. They mostly just run around the inside perimeter of the house.  Definitely is more than 1.  Sounds like one is chasing the other all night long.

We did sleep better last night though as we put in the bedroom furniture we had bought via ebay.

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We bought a real Christmas tree!!!  We always had an artificial tree in Florida. We were all excited.  At least until we put it in the van with the kids.  The difference of buying a tree in the winter (USA) and summer (Australia) at Christmas was underestimated by us. The little critters that would live on the tree in the USA would have either died in the cold or moved to warmer places to live for the winter. Here we had several spiders drop off in the van which caused a bit of panic. They were not that big compared to the ones that came off once we had the tree in our house.  I have a feeling that there are several more lurking in the lush beautiful tree.  We’ll see if we see big shadows once we put lights on the tree today.

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Furnishing the house

Well we have been furnishing the house in Australia via and via . Also with the generosity of a friends (fridge, bookshelf, pots/pans washing machine and dryer) and 2 beds bought through another friend.  I shouldn’t forget the Australia equivalent of Walmart run by Woolworths Ltd called Big W. At Big W we bought our USA made Corelle dishes. Today I pick up the couch and chairs we bought online so we have something to sit / relax on.  (Here it is called a lounge suite.) The few days / first week we just sat on the floor and slept on air mattresses.  Now we have a dining room table with chairs and 3 mattresses and 4 beds a bookshelf.  Need to buy a bed for our mattress and mattresses for two kids beds yet some desks and a TV.

Also need to buy some spanners (wrenches) to put together one of the beds and we are on our way to celebrating Christmas.

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Baited for the Rats

Well, they have baited for the rats. Now we wait. Still hear quite a bit after 2 days. Don’t know if they have found it / taken the bait yet, but hope they do soon.

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The good news is that we have rats…

We were informed today that the good news was that the noises coming from the ceilings and walls was not an Australian native possum but rats. The possum man told us that there is no doubt that this house has had possums previously however the rat droppings were newer than the possum droppings. Also possums are territorial enough that they would kill a rat living in “its” space. Now the rats don’t explain all the noises which means that the possums are on the roof while the rats are under it.

Not to sound too mean or morbid but hopefully the possum people can get the rat bait up there soon and the rats eat it and leave the house before they perish.

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Is that a fire alarm or a bird???

We are housesitting for a friend while we are looking for a house in Melbourne. Outside we hear and see several different birds here. Not the same song type birds we have in the USA, but some very beautiful looking birds.  The bird that we hear at this house we are sitting at most often as in all day long is the Bell Miner bird.  While it is not named for the sound it makes but rather what it eats, it has a bell like chirp of the exact tone, pitch, frequency and similar rythm as a fire alarm that needs to have it’s battery changed.  So all day long I want to find the fire alarm to change its battery. Of course the bird may not like it if I try to open it up…

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