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Into the Light

Ever since we moved to Australia and bought a mini-van (people mover as they call it here) our interier dome light didn’t work when we opened the doors.  So when we would pull up and park and open the doors, the van remained dark.  If we got in the car at night it would be dark. We could push a button and get light, but it wasn’t quite the same. On Tuesday this week that has changed. The light was fixed as it was under warranty. Now when we open the doors, light instantly bathes the front seats and there is enough residual to illuminate the rear for the kids as well. Also when the back hatch is put up a light now comes on back there too. (unrelated but similar fix) Being able to open the door and get light right away is amazing.

After experiencing the light, I wondered how we ever tolerated the darkness. The same goes for our Spiritual lives. So many (up to 97% of Australians by some estimates) are living in the dark spiritually. Jesus IS the light. And His light is available to be shined on any life. Why someone would choose the dark when the light is available, still baffles me, but the truth is that they have never seen the light. So many times we as Christians obscure the light in our lives. We just need to live and let the light shine. As we shine the light then others around us may notice they are in the dark and will want some of the light too.

It may not seem like the right thing at first as there are a bunch of things we like to do in the dark which we don’t want others to know about. But again, unless the light shines there is never true healing.

Jesus said: “I have come as a light into the world, so that everyone who believes in me should not remain in darkness.” John 12:46 (NET Bible)

May the lights at Christmas remind you of the Light that came into this world.

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Dariry Free Soy Free Ice Cream nearly done

I am so excited. I made the best homemade ice cream ever as far as consistency and fairly good for taste. It was Dairy Free, Soy Free, Wheat/Gluten Free and Egg Free. This was actually a better consistency then all of the regular homemade ice cream I have made before and I have made well over 400 litres / 100 gallons in my life I would guess.

I will post the recipe soon.  I have to experiment just 1-2 more times before posting it.

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Yes We Voted in case you wondered

Yes, we voted in the USA elections and sent our Abseentee ballots back to FL.  Whether they will ever be opened and counted I have no idea.  They only open them if a race is close enough to warrant opening the ballots.  Basically if the race is won by 2000 votes and there were only 1000 Absentee ballots then there is no need to open the Absentee ballots.  If the candidate is leading by 1000 votes and there are 2000 Absentee ballots they will open as many Absentee ballots until the outcome is decided.  Therefore my ballot will only be opened if it is a very close race.

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Potential Huge Implications for Evolutionary Theory

Wow, here is a theory with some potentially huge implications for Evolutionary Theory. Why, it impacts our perceived age of the universe. If the universe were to be proved less old than the current thinking about the age of the Earth, that would require a rethink.

Basically a new theory has emerged to explain the oddities of needing Dark Matter and stuff. It is that the Earth (whole Solar system) sits in a “cosmic bubble” of less material. This would act like a lense and altering the perceived distance of things.  Here is the article from Fox News. The yet to be fully peer-reviewed theory will be published later this month. Link:,2933,430943,00.html

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Allergen-Free Pancake from Scratch that works!!!!

YEAH we had Pancakes yesterday and they were not only edible but they were good too! Here is the recipe that I used. I will likely tweak a little more as I play with it some more, but it is very similar to our earlier recipe from the USA, but it was the scratch mix of individual flours instead of using any Australian GF Flour blend. Note this makes twice the normal Pancakes of our previous recipe. We did put the Chocolate Chips in most of what we made. The pancakes are on the thin side, but the inside was not wet as in my previous attempts. Needless to say there were NONE left over.

2/3 cup Buckwheat flour
2/3 cup Rice Flour
2/3 cup Besan (Chickpea) Flour
1/4 cup Potato Flour
2 Tablespoon Baking Powder
2 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1/2 Teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoon Applesauce
3 Tablespoons Canola Oil
2 Tablespoon Honey
2 Cup water (need to try straight Enriched Rice Milk or DariFree)
1/4 Cup Rice Milk (just needed a bit more liquid and I grabbed this instead of water figure it was more nutricious.

Put griddle / non-stick pan on burner and turn on Med to Med Hi. Mix dry ingredients with Wisk. Mix liquids: water, oil, applesauce, honey, Rice Milk. Pour liquid into the dry and mix thoroughly with wisk until everything is mixed well. The soda and baking powder will start working before done mixing. Pour by 1/3 to 1/4 cup on the griddle. Flip when edges are dry or start to lift off pan. Top with pure Maple Syrup or Nuttelex and powdered/icing/castor sugar and enjoy.

Variation / Substitutes / Possible Changes that have been tested.

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Jaden’s First Pizza

So on Sunday evening Jaden ate his first ever Pizza.  We had bought an Orgran Pizza Crust mix several months ago. The kids were itching to make something last night for dinner instead of having leftovers so I mentioned to them that they could make a Jaden Safe Pizza.  Shay and Karlissa jumped on it.

We greased the pan with Nuttelex and sprinkled some Polenta (corn meal) on it.  Then we followed the directions to make the Pizza Crust. The kids did all of the kneading and such.  We rolled it out with a round drinking glass since we don’t have a rolling pin in Australia. Then all four helped pinch the sides, put sauce and meat on it. We used some left over roast chicken, some ham and some Green Capsicum (Green Pepper).  Wish we had had some more veggies in the house we could have put on. Of course there was no cheese put on the pizza as there is no dairy free cheese substitute that is free from Soy (at least not that we have found).

Anyway after 15 minutes in the oven Karlissa pulled out the pizza (and dropped it but we had a great save).   We carried it to the table and fed one very excited boy and an excited family.

Jaden Safe PizzaKids pose with their Jaden Safe Pizza

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WWII Bombs found near my old home in Florida

The neighborhood directly south of my old neighborhood in FL found bombs near it.  Surprise, Surprise they say.  Hmm.  I heard many years ago (at least 8) that it was next door to a WWII practice bombing range. A co-worker at least a decade ago was looking for land for his church and he found quite easily that the area had been an old bombing range.  He said that it was mostly duds used for practice, but still there would be a LOT of lead and shrapnel in and around the ground area.  We figured there would need to be a lot of cleanup on the site if anything would want to be built there.  That really didn’t take a lot of work to turn up, but now the school board cries foul in that they didn’t know there was the possibility of bombs in the area.  I suspect they are taking the play it ignorant stance. If I knew there had to be plenty of others that knew the possibility.  If anything the land that we knew was a bombing range started maybe 500 yards/meters south of the land where they found the unexploded shells last year, but still someone else with more authority knows there was a potential problem.  I also think it is a little silly watching them use metal detectors in the video story below looking for bombs in an area that is now 5 feet higher than it was a decade ago. All of the dirt in the area shown on the video was taken from a couple of holes that have been turned into lakes.  That should mean that any bombs left in much of the housing area would likely be 5-8 feet underground and very difficult to detect.


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Back from our Trip – Great time with Students

We drove to Brisbane for a student conference. We were able to hang out with students from all over Queensland. We had a wonderful time encouraging and challenging students to think about what they wanted to do with their lives. Several are considering how they can serve God full time after they leave Uni (college for us Americans). A highlight of the conference was the Internet outreach time where with three students we interacted with nearly 20 people on 4 continents who were seeking Christ in a space of 2.5 hours.

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Allergen Free Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Today we made some Allergy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were great.  I got the recipe from: 
I had to substitute Nuttelex for the margarine, Darifree for the milk and used Gluten-Free and Soy Free flour and of course our favorite Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips as they are truly the only Jaden Safe Chocolate chips on the planet that we know. Too bad the 10oz bag costs $15 at our favorite local Allergy Food store.  I think I will try changing the sugar to all brown sugar.  When I do I think I will have varied the recipe enough to post it myself, right now just make those changes to the link and you will be good.

Summary: Normal Chocolate chip cookies would have had a food cost of $5 or less in America and these would have cost perhaps $8-$9. Here they cost us over $20 for the ingredients.  (Don’t know how often we will be able to afford these, but at least we had some good ones.)  I might try making them with some Australian made dark chocolate that is safe for Jaden to see if they still taste OK.

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A good first attempt at traditional tasting Allergen free Ice-Cream

My wife has made some fabulous smoothies with berries and coconut milk, with some having the consistency of a good American Milkshake / Aussie Thick Shake.  But today we made our first batch of a more traditional tasting Chocolate Ice Cream.  We have some adjustments to do to get it just right but so far it is modified from other recipes we found on the net.  Here it is:

3 Cups Vance’s Food Darifree
1/2 Cup powered Sugar (I wanted it to dissolve faster)
1/4 Cup  granulated Sugar
1 1/2  tsp  GF Vanilla
3/4 Cup Cocoa
1 tsp Sunflower oil (Darifree is like Skim Milk so this was added for fat)

First I made the Darifree according to label directions with cold water in the Blender with lots of leftover for another try in a couple of days or for other cooking.  I think next time I will  use warm water to make the Darifree and then cool it in the fridge overnight.  Then I put all of the ingredients above into a blender.  After it was well blended I added it to a 1.25L/5 Cup Ice Cream maker.  It took about 30 minutes to freeze and then we scooped it out and put it in the freezer to finish hardening.

Analysis: It needs MORE fat and less cocoa.  We will probably use some Coconut milk next time for more fat. Typically we use some Coconut Milk with Rice Milk such as when making Mashed Potatoes to get the right fat content. But I don’t want to use Rice Milk for this as I just think the Darifree is more like the taste of Cow Milk and I will get a bit more picky with my ice cream. I LOVE Homemade ice cream and have grown up on the stuff.  We used to make Homemade Ice Cream in Florida at least once a week a few years ago and have really missed it in the past 3 years.

We probably would have made some ice cream earlier, but we really don’t have much room in the freezer to store the ice cream maker container and just happened to have some room lately.  We really need to get a larger fridge/freezer here.

What does Jaden say: Well he liked it until it melted. It just was melting too fast for him. But all of the family thought it was good though a little too much cocoa in it.

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