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Information and Possible Decision coming tomorrow from Australia

I received an email today that our passports were being sent back to us from the Australian Embassy.  It offered no detail as to whether our Visa’s were approved or not. They just were verifying our address to send since we are traveling away from home right now.  So tomorrow we will find out if our Visas have been approved or not, or if they are returning our passports while they are taking more time on deciding on our Visas. Oh the anticipation.  More tomorrow.

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Shay Improvement…

Shay seems to be improving. Her heartrate/pulse seemed lower tonight.  Possibly around 100.  She said it doesn’t hurt as much. We’ll see what tomorrow holds and what God is doing as we go about the day.  For now this is a good sign.  I would like to say that I would love to know what is / has happened.  Many people are praying for Shay.  From our home church in Indiana to our churh in Florida and lots of friends and family from Ireland to Australia.

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Shay Heart Update #1

Shay asked to not go to church today as she didn’t want to jump around while she sang. She said she “didn’t want to wiggle.”  Her chest hurts her a little less today. Her heartbeat is consistently over 120 bpm and she had a hard time falling asleep last night. She did not seem to be as slow to do things today. She has been playing with her sisters instead of sitting on couch and watching TV so perhaps a little better today. We’ll see what tonight and tomorrow hold.

We likely won’t know anything until Wednesday.

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Racing Heartbeat

Shay’s heartbeat is racing at over 140 beats per minute. (It is really hard to count a heartbeat/pulse that fast) Not a very good thing. Her chest hurts and is not her bouncy self. We are “grounded” for at least a week while medical tests are performed. We had hoped to do some other traveling. Well, God knows best. We appreciate your prayers while we/they try to figure out what is wrong. We visited the Emergency Room, a family doctor, a specialist and will have a battery of tests next week. Shay and the other kids all were sick 10-14 days earlier with some high fever spikes and sore throats.

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Dad’s Birthday and a Tree

Today would be Dad’s 70th Birthday. My brother and I will be going to the golf course my father help build and plant a tree today (if the weather cooperates). He spent a lot of his time and life at Hickory Hills Golf Course (Sat view) growing the business, tending the grass and conversing with the players. One of my dad’s small heart attacks probably happened during a tournament in the fall between playing the 5th and 6th holes.

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Pom Pom Sunday…

When driving back from Staples to get the Bluetooth Headset, I asked Maia what they talked about in Sunday School that morning.  She said: “Jesus going into Jersulam with all the Pom Poms.”  Or was that Palm Palms?  Probably a misunderstanding of “Palm Fronds”.

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New Bluetooth Headset – Mobile and Skype

I am currently in a Skype call with co-workers in Australia. I am using my new bluetooth headset for myself. I am using a Dell D610 laptop. I needed to install Dell Bluetooth drivers (which tell me it is a Toshiba Bluetooth chip) to get the headset to work, but once it is setup it is working fine. Nice thing is that I can stand and pace while on a Skype call. Also with the lousy cell service where I am at, I can use the headset to roam the house while leaving the cell phone stationary. I don’t get a great distance, best at 10ft or less, but still this is better then I have had in awhile.

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Article in Berne Tri-Weekly

An article about us was published in the Friday edition of the Berne Tri-Weekly News. Unfortunately the article is not online. However it mostly was about who we are and where we hope to go. It doesn’t contain our full passion of why we want to go to Australia, but it does contain some of why we want to go. Pick one up if you are in the area. I bought a couple to show our friends back in Florida and eventually in Australia. If you read the article and you came to this site to check us out leave a comment on this post.

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In Pursuit of the Perfect Allergen-Free Pancake

I found an article a while back about US Government Scientists formulating a recipe for Gluten-Free pancakes that were indistinguishable from Pancakes with Gluten (Wheat) in them. The article is here. The biggest problem was that they talked about it, but NEVER published the recipe online.  Then several weeks later the journal that they published in put the issue online.  Now I can see the recipe as part of their scientific analysis of the pancakes. However it does call for putting the Sweet Potatoes in Liquid Nitrogen as a step in making the flour.

And it looks like they studied the pancakes for every type of quality with lots of scientific tests.  The only thing that is not mentioned in the article was whether the pancakes TASTED ANY GOOD or not!

Well we will find it out when we make our own.  We’ll let you know.

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Verizon / Sprint coverage in my home town

As we have been visiting my home town a lot recently, everytime I drive into the town I feel as if I am entering a communication black hole as far as my cell phone coverage is concerned. Since Sprint roams on Verizon and vice versa a tower from either would help us out greatly. My wife’s Cingular phone roams on Centenial Wireless so she has coverage here, hence why we carry two different network phones so one of us usually has coverage somewhere. (When at my in-laws home in WV I think the coverage is reversed.)

Many in the town started a petition to get Verizon a cell tower in Berne. It was highlighted on the front page of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Complete with pictures of people using Tin Cans and String. Check it out. The error in the story was it said Sprint coverage was fine. That was a mistake by the writer.

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