Kent grew up in Berne, Indiana, was active at First Missionary Church, and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. “Entering college my dream was to use my gifts with math and science to make the known world a better place…upon graduating God gave me a new passion… I want to make a better place known to the world.” Crystal grew up in Wayne, West Virginia, was active at the Wayne Baptist Church and graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Business Administration. As a young boy Kent asked Jesus to come into his life. Crystal asked Jesus into her life as a young teenager. Since those life-changing decisions each has grown in their desire to know God more intimately. During college each got involved with the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ on their respective campuses. Becoming involved with Campus Crusade has been a vital part of their spiritual growth. Learning how to share the gospel with others and taking the initiative to do this was a stretch of faith for each of them. It led to their passion for a life of full-time ministry. The Keller family continually desires for God to use the talents and abilities He has given them. If you want to read what Kent and Crystal share with others about Christ check out this page.