I have been involved with several technology related projects within Cru. Some benefit the administrative portion of Cru, some are for the benefit of the direct ministry of Cru. My heart beats for both the efficiency of the communication of the gospel and also for the effectiveness of the communication of the gospel. I have both received training and experience as a Missionary, but also as an IT guy. I have worked with a broad range of technology, from Virtualization (VMWare, VirtualBox, Hyper-v), Networking Hardware (Cisco and HP), Operating Systems (Windows, Dos, Netware, Linux, MacOS), Storage Area Networks (Hitachi, StorageTek, EMC, Brocade, Netapp, Iomega), Directories (NDS, Active Directory), Servers (Dell and HP), Smartphones (iPhone, Android and Windows), Tablets (Apple, Microsoft, Android), and Application Development (Delphi, Visual Basic, PHP). I have been certified by both Microsoft and Novell, though neither to the most current. I have worked independently, as part of a team, and led a team/department. Articles: I enjoy reading a variety of different articles, blogs, books. Here are some articles that I have been quoted in or talked about in. -Infoworld (circa 1995) by columnist David Strom. To see the pre-published version of the articles click here -Also quoted in Christian Computing Magazine several years back (doubt if that article is online.) -Quoted in relation to Storage Technology at TechTarget in this article. (Of course, my opinion now is different than the article then.) -Part of humorous Article: _What to buy a Geek for the holidays_ also at TechTarget. I don’t just play with technology for technology sake though, I strive to do this so that people like you can come to know Jesus. You are loved by God, more then you could ever imagine. Would you like to Know God Personally?