We have been Missionaries with Cru for over 25 years including 5 in Australia. When I was in college I believed that God was going to use my skills in math and science to make the known world a better place, but as I was joining Cru I discovered that He wanted me to use those same skills to make known a better place to the world. After my graduation from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I joined Cru being asked to work with my computer skills and I have served in the technology side of the ministry ever since.

We have worked on a wide range of projects for Cru, such as leading the team that put our gospel presentations onto the iPhone, helping the JESUS Film optimize the movement of their dubbing work to enable more translations with the same people, installing and managing email systems to allow our staff to communicate with each other and with individuals seeking God, as well as planning the computer infrastructure for our headquarters in Orlando and Melbourne. Even though I primarily hold a technical role, I have engaged with college students while leading the Headquarters Student Internships Summer Mission. I love to teach college students how to passionately combine their skills, talents and spiritual gifts under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help fulfill the Great Commission. God has tremendously blessed me with significant work that helps fulfill the Great Commission.

In our trek to Australia, the then National Director said: “…Campus Crusade for Christ Australia has a team of around 140 missionaries working in various targeted field ministries. As the ministry has grown the critical need has been to provide logistical and operational capacity to our field teams to keep in touch as well as to harness the creative use of the internet to effectively communicate the gospel and reach people in the privacy of their own worlds. We quite simply do not have that capacity apart from Kent and Crystal Keller. Our entire national headquarters has one IT graduate to cover our burgeoning needs. Kent will provide the leadership, expertise, trainer/mentor and recruitment capacity we need to build our IT capacity and develop an internet evangelism team for the future growth. They are a specific answer to our urgent prayers.”