So last night I was on FB and a friend popped up in chat…now really this is a wife of a friend and I would likely have interacted with the husband more…which does say I was a little more curious as to why she popped up to say hey. I quickly surmised it was a person that had hacked her FB account and was trying to scam friends to send money. So I thought I would have a little fun. Below is the transcript minus the last 10 min of stuff where I was delaying until I saw FB take the account offline. During those 10min was really trying to make sure the person on the other end had an opportunity to hear the gospel. To report something like this to FB go to and report your friend’s account on money scam entry. Provide relevant info and about 10 min after report FB should have the account locked. It would be worse if they had hacked her actual email as that may have made it harder to keep it sorted. While this chat was happening I also emailed her husband and called his work and left a message for when he got into the office since it was a bit early and didn’t want to wake them yet. Anyway here is a partial unformated script. Sorry it doesn’t have who on either side of the conversation is talking. ——————————————————————– 9:53pm hey are you there? Yes….why hello how are you doing? ok i am not okay by the moment [first clue something is probably not right…grammar doesn’t match what my friend would use] what’s up I’m stranded in London at the moment [ <- At this moment I knew it was a scam. Had receive email of simililar situation from another friend a few months back] really what happened? i got mugged at gun point last night have the police been helpful? I reported the incident..but no positive response yet all cash,credit card and phone were stolen bummer It was a terrible ordeal good thing you have insurance are the twins ok? [to further confirm the deception] Thank God i still have my life and passport safe Right now Kent I need your help.. how so? my return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills Contact our friend nate in London wondering if you could loan me some few $$ to sort out the hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport nate can help you…you don’t need me for that will def refund it back I can’t get hold of any one now why not? Cos i don’t have access to phone now how are you talking to me? all i need now to get our bills settled is 1,350 I’m in a local library front desk should help you on the phone thing There are not helping strange….londoners seemed so helpful when we were there last Kent i don’t have much time here are you helping me or not? of course, I figure you are in a bit of shock and trying to help you think clearly how can you help me get the money here ? talk to nate take a few weeks for a check to make it to you from me and you would be home by then I think you can help me have it wired via western union money transfer to my name and present location western union is closed here. for the night It’s the fastest means to get money across Well they will open in aprox 8 hours. you can have it done online with your credit cards You know I don’t use credit cards. omg!! I will explain to the hotel manager to please give me some time good idea but for the mean time let me give you my western union information on how to get the money to me when the W.U is open sure fire away right now I figure the best thing for you is to remember how much God loves you. Has anyone ever told you about how to Know God Personally? Receivers Name- [name scrubbed] Location- London,United Kingdom got it..? receivers name in london. Is that all they need? yes don’t I need to know which wu place or is that all? No so no address to give? there is here it is address of 7 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4HQ, United Kingdom. ahhh back to my question now….about the knowing God part? yes…I really need to know God Wait I just realized by the time WU opens up here you should be on a plane heading back. Do you want me to send to the hotel? No..I’ll reshedule my flight here is the website that I work with: how can you reschedule without a credit card? Can you see that or will it take you away from our chat? NEVER MIND never mind what? Oh yeah I’ve seen it what do you think about point 3? I will check on it as soon as am back home safely figure this will give you some thing to do while you wait. What time is your flight? ok I really owe u alot but you owe God a lot more…He died for you to set you free yes..I agree with you here is my personal email friendsname51@popular free email site [redacted this line to protect identity] Email as soon as you’re done with the western union transfer send me a text mail now Just sent you one from my address book --------------------------------------------- So after got the address and email address contacted FB for the stuff. Went on here telling them I would be right back after my wife needed me to do something…which she did. And talked a little more about Jesus. They were saying they hadn’t received my email yet…which I didn’t want to send one and expose my email address if they hadn’t already figured it out. So I mentioned that perhaps our corporate servers weren’t working right now….since I used to manage them I know that occasionally like 1-2 times a year they are taken down for some maintenance so it was the first thing I could think of to delay. They were more irritated that they hadn’t gotten my email yet as the conversation went on and they they went offline and I received an email simultaneously from FB telling me they took action.