Ever since we moved to Australia and bought a mini-van (people mover as they call it here) our interier dome light didn’t work when we opened the doors. So when we would pull up and park and open the doors, the van remained dark. If we got in the car at night it would be dark. We could push a button and get light, but it wasn’t quite the same. On Tuesday this week that has changed. The light was fixed as it was under warranty. Now when we open the doors, light instantly bathes the front seats and there is enough residual to illuminate the rear for the kids as well. Also when the back hatch is put up a light now comes on back there too. (unrelated but similar fix) Being able to open the door and get light right away is amazing. After experiencing the light, I wondered how we ever tolerated the darkness. The same goes for our Spiritual lives. So many (up to 97% of Australians by some estimates) are living in the dark spiritually. Jesus IS the light. And His light is available to be shined on any life. Why someone would choose the dark when the light is available, still baffles me, but the truth is that they have never seen the light. So many times we as Christians obscure the light in our lives. We just need to live and let the light shine. As we shine the light then others around us may notice they are in the dark and will want some of the light too. It may not seem like the right thing at first as there are a bunch of things we like to do in the dark which we don’t want others to know about. But again, unless the light shines there is never true healing. Jesus said: “I have come as a light into the world, so that everyone who believes in me should not remain in darkness.” John 12:46 (NET Bible) May the lights at Christmas remind you of the Light that came into this world.