Well we have been furnishing the house in Australia via ebay.com.au and via tradingpost.com.au . Also with the generosity of a friends (fridge, bookshelf, pots/pans washing machine and dryer) and 2 beds bought through another friend. I shouldn’t forget the Australia equivalent of Walmart run by Woolworths Ltd called Big W. At Big W we bought our USA made Corelle dishes. Today I pick up the couch and chairs we bought online so we have something to sit / relax on. (Here it is called a lounge suite.) The few days / first week we just sat on the floor and slept on air mattresses. Now we have a dining room table with chairs and 3 mattresses and 4 beds a bookshelf. Need to buy a bed for our mattress and mattresses for two kids beds yet some desks and a TV. Also need to buy some spanners (wrenches) to put together one of the beds and we are on our way to celebrating Christmas.