Each day Mom gets closer to stepping out of this life and into the next. I am amazed at each day that she keeps going. I never thought a month ago when I last posted on Mom that she would still be here a month later. However the time is getting closer. When? Well we honestly don’t know. She is sleeping a lot more and her limbs are getting a little larger with fluids. She hasn’t opened her eyes in more than 16 hours I think. Her strength is failing. I guess she could go home today, or she could wait another week. This upcoming Saturday would have been Mom and Dad’s 51st anniversary. Please pray that she wouldn’t be in any more pain. She has not EVER complained about this. She has NEVER talked harshly about her sickness to anyone. She still has been showing concern for others up until the end of last week. She would now too, I am sure if she wasn’t sleeping. Her time is short and we will miss her, but for her sake we hope she can see Jesus face to face soon.