Crystal has got a nose for noticing mold now, after we spent quite a bit of time repairing a room in the house we are in that had mold damage. Well in the room next to the one we repaired, we smelled something. Certainly it was mold. It came just after a rain (the first measurably rain in Orlando in months we have been told). We also had just replaced the window in this room. As each hour went on, the smell seemed to grow stronger. After looking high and low, inside and outside, looking in the attic at the water pipes, and smelling the carpet and moving things around we stopped and prayed as we couldn’t find a water leak or obvious location of the smell. Well immediately after praying if not slightly before finishing, I looked up and the first thing I saw, I thought, is this the answer, Lord? I reached over and viola the source of the stench was made plain. Jaden’s tennis shoe stunk to beat the band. Jaden’s shoes were drenched a week ago in a pool in Louisville. They were dried in the sun (at least part way) and then word again. His shoes were drenched again 3 times during the week. Prime candidate for something to start growing and it did. Thank you God for helping us find it!!