Nearly all of the Coeliac / Celiac Sprue sites talk about Oats in the United States as being contaminated with Wheat. To date this has not been observed by us. Our son has had some quick reactions to wheat, barley and rye but never to a product that had Oats in it without declared wheat. In fact Jaden can eat Cap’n Crunch and Honeycomb cereal with no noted problems. I think the reason some Coeliacs have problems with Oats are based on the Avenin protein in Oats as opposed to any cross-contamination of wheat in the factory or field. Perhaps we have just been fortunate to not encounter contamination yet, but perhaps the contaminiation is not has likely as warned. (Disclaimer: I would guess it is also possible a very minute amount of wheat gluten may not affect Jaden as much as a Coeliac.) If you just recently found a problem with Gluten, you may consider experimenting with Oat containing products as long as you can recover from the reaction. Also there are some countries where wheat is not grown but oats are and in that case they are really sure of no contaminiation. Try a product of those countries to see if you react to the Avenin then you could try the USA Oats products. Reference.