This is great. Our sponsorship letter is approved for our Visa for moving to Australia. This is wonderful. This means that the Australian Government recognizes that the position we will be filling in Australia requires someone with Religious Training / Skills. Now we are cleared to lodge our Visa Application so that Australia can evaluate whether we are qualified to fill the position. Now for the bad news. We assembled our Visa Application to be submitted and when I opened the envelopes containing our clearance letters from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, I found that they were not completed. The checks I sent in where not cashed because I accidently put 2006 on the date line instead of 2007. They returned it for us to put a proper date on the check. This seems very silly as the amount for the check was the 2007 amount instead of the 2006. It should have been obvious that it was an oversight of the year change. It is not like the date was in the future. Oh well. All things are in God’s hands. We are going to Priority Mail/Express mail a corrected request and provide them the return postage prepaid envelope to do the same. Please pray that we would be able to submit a complete application next Friday.