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Jaden Loved this Allergy free Grilled “Cheese” Sandwich

Well today marks another first for Jaden; a Grilled “Cheese” Sandwich. We are back in the USA now after living in Australia. In Australia there is not a dairy free and soy free cheese yet but here there is which led to this impromptu sandwich created by Crystal.
First we started with 2 slices of
dairy free, egg free, soy free and of course gluten free bread made by Ener-g with one side of each piece with some dairy free and soy free margarine. Then Crystal placed a slice of Rice Vegan brand of cheese on the bread and placed into a suitable pan on medium heat and grilled to a nice golden brown. Here are the photos.




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One thought on “Jaden Loved this Allergy free Grilled “Cheese” Sandwich

  1. Lisette

    Wow, you guys are amazing! Jaden’s lucky to have such creative people for parents 🙂

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