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Parasites and Allergies

Well, I first read about this not long after I got to Australia with the first research being published in the UK. I wondered then after I read the research how long before I heard about “alternative” health providers jumping on this and promoting it as a cure. In general good research takes time, but many have jumped on the initial theories and have started selling the cure. Well those alternative health people have been experimenting and now nearly 3 years later they are starting to pop up in the news.
Basically the theory is not that we lead a too clean lifestyle from dirt as was theorized a few years ago when we first had kids, but that we live a life devoid of parasites. Those parasites help the body keep from getting allergies. Here are two articles that I found recently on the subject:
I am not quite ready to go and infect our family yet, but I must think that these natural existing entities should be much easier to come by than $3000 for the infection. I will be watching this kind of research and wondering.

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