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Face to Face with mine enemy.

The large rodent was in the exhaust fan for the bathroom as Karlissa finished her shower.  I grabbed a flashlight/torch and shined up the light into the vent. After a few moments I could see the glow of eyes in the space as the eyes reflected my light. He dropped further down and onto the fan grill and we exchanged looks. He (the rat) wasn’t frightened by me at all. The kids made noise and so did I but mostly it just stared at us and seemed to try to figure a way down into the bathroom.  My guess is that it is a “black rat” based on info from: One of us and associated family needs to go.  We’ll see who outlasts the other. As I type this I hear at least 2 circling the house like they do every night.  Feels a little like we are in Jericho before the wall came down.

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4 thoughts on “Face to Face with mine enemy.

  1. Kent

    Can’t shoot-em. This is Australia here. No guns allowed. Only the police and the bad guys have guns though there was a robbery last week with a sword because of the scarcity of guns here.

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