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Baited for the Rats

Well, they have baited for the rats. Now we wait. Still hear quite a bit after 2 days. Don’t know if they have found it / taken the bait yet, but hope they do soon.

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2 thoughts on “Baited for the Rats

  1. Jerry

    I recently baited the ants living in our wall, and it seems to have been successful. Of course, dead ants won’t have the same effect on the air in the house as would dead rats. I hope they find somewhere else to die for you all. 🙂 At least you’ll have that pine scent to mask it for a while.

  2. Kent

    Yes I would say so. Pine is much more pleasant. Heard them last night thumping and scratching around in the eaves while standing outside. Gives me assurance that they are not on the roof and that the professional was required.

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