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Experiment: Sheep’s Milk Cheese

While watching Giada on the Food Channel at my mom’s house, she mentioned sheep’s milk cheese.  I had just been pondering how Jaden will never have a Pizza because there wasn’t a cheese he could eat.  Well, perhaps this was the answer.  After a quick Google search, I found which mentioned that many people allergic to cow and goat milk could safely consume sheep’s milk.  Well I found some Pecorino Romano cheese made with 100% Pure Sheeps Milk at a store in Louisville on Saturday (see post below) and we gave Jaden some about over an hour ago.

 I rubbed some on his arm at first.  His arm has shown no reaction.  If it had been Cow’s milk he would have had hives in that spot already.  Crystal came home with a watermelon and Jaden started grabbing it and some other foods and started eating.  Now his nose is running and he is coughing a little bit.  Uggh.  Was it the cheese or something else.  We will have to try again later.  I’ll report the conclusion and the progress as we test.

One hopeful thought was that Australia has a LOT of sheep so perhaps sheep’s milk cheese would be quite readily available in multiple types of cheeses.

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One thought on “Experiment: Sheep’s Milk Cheese

  1. jeni

    chris bought some “jaden safe chips.” and we lov ’em! tell him we’ll be prayin’ 4 him & we have his shirt that was soaked. send address-we’ll mail it.

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