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New Bluetooth Headset – Mobile and Skype

I am currently in a Skype call with co-workers in Australia. I am using my new bluetooth headset for myself. I am using a Dell D610 laptop. I needed to install Dell Bluetooth drivers (which tell me it is a Toshiba Bluetooth chip) to get the headset to work, but once it is setup it is working fine. Nice thing is that I can stand and pace while on a Skype call. Also with the lousy cell service where I am at, I can use the headset to roam the house while leaving the cell phone stationary. I don’t get a great distance, best at 10ft or less, but still this is better then I have had in awhile.

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18 thoughts on “New Bluetooth Headset – Mobile and Skype

  1. Kent

    I was put on hold so that they could call the programmer a couple of times early in the week. I am pretty sure this was one of those times. I also was off the phone during their lunch break but on Monday I took a nap during the lunch break time. Tuesday and Wednesday I talked to Crystal during the break or did research.

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